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Tijuana No!
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Welcome to Tijuana

Welcome, to the unofficial web page about Tijuana NO!

Mexican alternative band Tijuana No was formed by the end of the 1980s, playing under the name of No, at the beginning. Combining rock and traditional Mexican music, the act has been mostly known for compromising itself in the defense of indigenous groups and writing eloquent lyrics about it. That main characteristic was made evident when the band played at a benefit for the Zapatista movement called Rock por Chiapas. Tijuana No's self-titled debut album was released in 1993, followed by 1994's Transgresores de La Ley. During the 1990s, the band had the opportunity to interact with local and U.S. numbers, while touring all around California. Tijuana No's third album, called Contra-Revolución Ave, came out in 1998. ~ Drago Bonacich, All Music Guide

Tijuana No!

Cecilia Bastida - Teclados y Voz
Luis Güereña - Percusiones
Teca García - Percusiones, voz y flautas
Jorge Velasquez - Bajo
Jorge Jimenez - Guitarras
Alejandro Zuñiga - Bateria




Por eso depende de nosotros mantener viva la conciencia y fuerte la resistencia, contra los demonios fascistas y neoliberales, que caminan arrogantes por la contra-revolucion avenue   *****Special Thanks: Danilo Bermudez "Danmarc"  ******